Boomerang Properties

The Boomerang Master Plan is located at the northeast corner of the intersection of W 10th Street and 71 st Avenue. The northern border of the property is W. 4th Street and the west boundary of the property runs along Sheep’s Draw. The property is approximately 156 acres of rolling terrain and large mature trees with the former Hewlett Packard building located in the central portion of the property.  The adjacent zoning along the north edge is R-H with a small portion at the west end zoned C-H. The adjacent zoning along the east edge of the property is C-D. The south edge of the property has adjacent zoning of C-H and R-H. The west side of the property is a mix of R-L and R-H zones along with the Boomerang Golf Course.  The rezone is proposing a mix of zoning throughout the property. The southern portion of the property is proposed to have C-H zoning and the northern portion is proposed for R-M zoning.